Pod, Pancake, and Cone Filters

Should I use Pod, Pancake, or Cone Filters?

Any time you change your intake or exhaust, you need to tune your bike or you will be doing damage to your motor by causing either a rich or lean condition. Plain and simple, don't use a cone/pod/pancake filter. There's a reason I don't sell them. I don't offer anything that's half-assed or not good for your bike. No matter how you tune the bike with a cone filter/pod/pancake, you will always have either sub par performance or an issue with one or more throttle stages. Most of the Honda Shadows have a vacuum operated CV carburetor or two, which means that the slide is operated by the engine vacuum in the venturi of the carburetor. For the slide to operate properly the venturi requires a steady negative vacuum, and a pod/cone/pancake filter creates a large amount of turbulence right next to the slide, destroying the carbs ability to properly deliver the right amount of metered portions of fuel and air to the motor.

On a flow meter bench test, pod filters created a stupid amount of turbulence in the carburetor, especially between shifting and when dropping or applying throttle quickly. Whereas a velocity stack succeeded in reducing the turbulence in the venturi, making tuning easier and allowing the motor to perform better, resulting in smoother acceleration, more responsive throttle, and an increase of available power across all throttle stages. Most folks aren't aware, but the stock intake system is actually designed around a velocity stack principle - both dual and single carb models, because the engineers know this is an effective way of delivering air to a CV carb. 
Now it bears mentioning that on a mechanical carb where the slide is operated by a cable attached to the throttle, a pod filter is less of an issue. Granted, on a mechanical carb a velocity stack does improve performance, but a pod/cone filter will work. The CV carbs on the Honda Shadow line are well made, easy to use and easy to upkeep, requiring minimal knowledge and skill to maintain and upgrade them. If you want to increase your bike's performance and get rid of the fugly stock intake, pick up the velocity stack/s and a performance jet kit from the site, shoptjbc.com, and watch the videos on our YouTube channel, TJBRUTALCUSTOMS for tuning help. :)  Everything you need is there to get your bike running and tuned properly is there !