How Do I Remove the AFP (Auto Fuel Petcock)?

The AFP is a vacuum-operated diaphragm that is activated by the rear cylinder vacuum of the Honda Shadow VT600 ('99-'07). The one shown here was actually recalled. The easiest way to get rid of it is to run a line from the gas tank to the carburetor (always put a fuel filter in that line), then pull the hose from the port and use a specially-made AFP plug to close the port. DO NOT FORGET TO PLUG THE PORT. As always, we want to help make your life easier, so WE SELL THESE! 
***AFP Vacuum Port Plug - Honda VT600,VLX - 99-07:

If you don't plug the port your rear cylinder won't work, you'll have a massive air leak and your bike will run like SHIT! THIS STEP IS IMPORTANT!

TJ explains the AFP (Honda's version of an auto shutoff valve) and how to remove it in this short video: