How to Install Aftermarket Risers On A Honda Shadow

How do I install Non-Honda Risers on my Honda Shadow?

If you want to use some aftermarket risers on your Honda Shadow, it's not nearly as difficult as it looks! 
The easiest way to do it is to first remove your handlebars from the bike. You can drape a towel over your headlight and let the bars hang there. Next, you need to remove the stock risers.  You may need to pull the cotter pins, if they are there, and unscrew the nuts on the bottom of the risers. Pull the risers out of the top of the top clamp. Then get a 1/2" drill bit and, in the holes the risers were in, start drilling out the metal spacers inside the top tree.  You can use cutting oil if you wish. You most likely wont go all the way through the spacer. As the drilling heats the spacer up, it will tend to melt its way out of the rubber that surrounds the spacer. Just use some pliers and pull the spacer off your drill bit and start drilling through the second spacer. Each riser hole will have 2 metal spacers to drill out. Once removed this will allow you to use a 1/2"-20 bolt (most Harley risers and aftermarket risers use 1/2"-20 bolts) and you can use a washer at the top and bottom of the riser as well.