Stock Switch Assemblies - How To Make Them Fit Your New Handlebars

Here's how to make your stock switch assemblies fit virtually any aftermarket bars! 

IMAGE 1.  as you can see in the picture below, when you remove the stock switch assemblies from your Honda Shadow you may notice there's a little nipple on the bottom half of the assembly. This is used at the factory to ensure every hike is assembled the same way. It does not have anything to do with securing the assembly to the bars or preventing rotation of the bars. On Your aftermarket bars, There won't be a locating hole but this is not a problem! 

Stock Switch Housing assembly with locating nipple intact

IMAGE 2. The tools below are examples of what i have on hand. You can use an air die grinder with a rotary burr, a metal file or a dremel tool (not pictured) to remove this nipple. It's aluminum so it will not take long to grind down, even with a file. You can mount the assembly in a bench vise (gently) and grind off the nipple. Take your time here. You can't add material but you can always remove more! 


IMAGE 3.  This is what you will want to end up with. The nipple has been removed. Notice I didn't chew into the original inside diameter of the assembly once the nipple was removed. You can now mount your stock switch assemblies to a set of #tjbrutalcustoms z-bars and set the switches exactly where you want them!

Stock Switch Assembly with Locating Nipple Removed