Why Aren't My Slides Moving At All?

So your slides arent moving at all when you try and apply throttle. Here's a few things to consider:
  • If it's drawing air in at the insulator, that reduces volume through the carb and will cause the slide not to work. It's not uncommon on older bikes for the insulator boots to be hard and not seal when you tighten up the clamps.
  • There may be a hole in the diaphragm, even a slight pinhole will cause problems. Or the diaphragm wasnt seated properly and the lip may be stuck out of the seating channel. 
  • The vent line may be blocked and can't breath correctly. 
  • The jet needle may be bent bent, corroded, stuck or varnished up with old gas and mineral deposits.
  • The cylinder that the piston slide runs in is boogered up and can't slide smoothly. Check for dust, dirt, grime, old gas buildup, bugs, anything. the bore should be smooth and have a thin film of oil,