My Grips Wont Fit My New Bars!

Powder Coating handlebars is not an exact science unfortunately, and sometimes the powder can go on a bit thicker in some areas. This is pretty common across almost every brand we have used, some brands even leave the powder coating off the grip area to avoid this. 
Here's a few options to fix the issue - 

Option A. 

  1. Take some 80- grit sandpaper to the grips area, and remove enough powder coat to slide the grips on. sometimes this is all that's needed. 

Option B. 

  1. Tape off a line on the bars where you want to remove powder coating.  
  2. Take a sharp razor inside your tape line and score the powder coating around the circumference of the handlbar so the powder coating doesn't peel or chip off beyond the point you want the powder coat removed. 
  3. You can use a 60 grit flap disc, or on a bench grinder to completely remove the powder coating on the grips area. Once all powder is removed,  polish up with scotch-brite. or 000 steel wool. 

I have done this probably several dozen times on powder coated bars throughout the years. It's kind of the nature of the beast! I hope this helps!