Will a Spirit 750 Motor Fit in My ACE 750 Frame?

The Spirit and Ace motor used the same crankcase in the following models and years meaning the motors are interchangeable in the frames. 

The cooling systems were also identical.

Year Model Description
1998 VT750CD3 Shadow Deluxe
1998 VT750CD Shadow ACE
1999 VT750CD4 Shadow Deluxe
1999 VT750CD Shadow ACE
2000 VT750CD5 Shadow Deluxe
2000 VT750CD Shadow ACE
2001 VT750CD Shadow ACE
2001 VT750CD2 Shadow Deluxe
2001 VT750DC Shadow Spirit
2002 VT750CDA
Shadow ACE Deluxe
2002 VT750CDB
Shadow ACE Deluxe
2002 VT750CDC
Shadow ACE Deluxe
2002 VT750CDD
Shadow ACE Deluxe
2002 VT750DC Shadow Spirit
2003 VT750CDA
Shadow ACE Deluxe
2003 VT750CDB
Shadow ACE Deluxe
2003 VT750CDC
Shadow ACE Deluxe
2003 VT750CDD
Shadow ACE Deluxe
2003 VT750DCA Shadow Spirit
2003 VT750DCB Shadow Spirit
2005 VT750DCA Shadow Spirit
2005 VT750DCB Shadow Spirit
2006 VT750DCA Shadow Spirit
2006 VT750DCB Shadow Spirit
2007 VT750DCA Shadow Spirit
2007 VT750DCB Shadow Spirit