Which Bike is Better to Build? VT600 or VT750?

I get asked all the time which bike is the best to build, and its such a subjective question, really hinging on so much personal preference, taste, intended use, etc, that theres no real answer for that question. So what i've done here is to lay down a few of the pro's and cons (in my opinion) between the VT600 and the VT750! between this article and the numerous others on the site you should be able to determine which bike is best suited for your next build!

A customer asked "Will I get bored with the 600? I don’t want to wish I had more horsepower."

They basically answered their own question. The 600 is only 600cc’s, so if you need lots of horsepower then you should look into a model that has more horsepower. The 600 however, lends itself to being chopped much more easily than the 750. So here's the comparison. 

VT600 Pros:

  • Mono shock suspension is easy to modify to mono strut or hardtail
  • The frame tubing is all round tubing, good for fabrication.
  • The motor is very well made and simple to repair
  • Comfortable and nimble bike fairly lightweight!
  • Great useable power band with stock gearing.
  • Produced for many years 88-07
  • Very low seat height
  • Great lines even in a stock configuration, minimal modifications make the bike look very good

VT600 Cons:

  • Not super great for riders with long legs, the cockpit is smaller and makes some taller folks feel like a monkey humping a coconut.
  • Smaller displacement means you will not be carting a 300 lb dude around very fast. If you are a big guy and need to ride long distances at high speed, the VT600 is not for you.
  • Some find the gearing inadequate, however I am 250 lbs and LOVE a 600 for all around riding. You CAN change the drive gear down a few teeth and reduce the rpm's at highway speeds. However you sacrifice low end.

VT750 Pros:

  • Bigger displacement moves bigger riders much more easily.
  • 5 gear transmission doesn’t make much of a difference from the VT600 4 gears (typical US models) but some riders will appreciate the 5th gear for highway riding.
  • Bigger cockpit for taller riders or riders with longer legs.
  • Heavier bike gives a bit more stability for long distance riding in wind, etc.
  • Suspension is provided via dual shocks outside the swingarm which are easier to replace/upgrade/modify than the VT600 mono shock.
  • Better suited for riding 2-up than the VT600

VT750 Cons:

  • Frame has a square backbone, which is much more difficult to modify
  • Swingarm is square so hard-tailing doesn't look as good as a VT600.
  • Fender horns are much wider than the VT600 making a chopped fender mounting a little more cumbersome.
  • To achieve a real good chopper look with the 750 much more fabrication and creativity ( $$$$) is required.
  • Heaver bike may not be as easy for lighter weight riders.