Should I Disable the Safety Interlocks on My Bike?

It's really up to you and how comfortable you are with your bike. Disabling the safety interlocks can make driving much easier, and if you are comfortable with your bike, it can simplify things. BUT if you're new to biking or not familiar with your bike, it can make life a sh*tload harder. 

Kickstand - connect the wires. The switch on the kickstand is an open circuit and is closed when the kickstand is up. Connecting the kickstand wires to each other tells the computer that the kickstand is always up.

Neutral indicator switch - this is a light green wire with a red stripe, you can take this off the switch located just in front of your drive sprocket, and run this wire to ground. i try to find a location that is grounded to the frame. This allows you to start the bike in or out of neutral.

Clutch safety switch - there are two black wires that go to your clutch lever, all you need to do is unplug these. do not connect them to each other. just unplug them and tuck them away.

This allows you to start the bike without holding the clutch lever in.

TJ explains further in this video.