Honda Shadow Fuel Issues - TOP FIXES & FULL DIAGNOSTIC

A customer writes, "My bike sat for 10 years. I cleaned the carbs, I have issues with fuel running out, decel pops, fuel runs into the bottom end. So I replaced the jets with OEM jets and purchased a OEM float valve kit per Honda's suggestion..."

If you're getting fuel into the bottom end (in your oil), you may have a problem with the rings as well as the float valve.  Yes, you are going to need to address the carb because that's where the problem is starting, but if you're getting a lot of fuel in the bottom end and the carb is running fine you've got ring problems. 
The float valve is probably letting too much fuel into the cylinders. The raw fuel is not getting burnt, instead it is washing oil off the cylinder walls and trickling down into the bottom end... Not good. 
Here's what I recommend: 
- Make sure float valves are at proper height.
- Replace or inspect your float valve. The float needle and seat should be very clean. 
- TIP: If you have a new float valve and your float seat looks OK but you still have overflow, your float levels are good, etc. Then take a Q-Tip with some Mothers polish on it, put the Q-Tip in a drill, stick it in the float seat and start spinning. You'll polish the brass on the seat and it'll clean off any varnish up in there.