What To Check If Your Bike Turns Over But Has No Spark

First, eliminate the most likely possibilities by going through the diagnostic tree: Fuel, Spark, Compression. 
Here's what I'd do: 
- Start at the gas cap - is it vented or does it have a vent? 
- Look at how the bike is fueled/fed and its fuel delivery system. 
- Go to the battery and check that (they generally last 2-3 years tops). 
Generally most problems people have are going to be fixed with FUEL or SPARK. Compression means engine work. It doesn't have to be terrible, but a good machinist can help you out if you're not comfortable with working on the engine (or don't have the proper tools). 
Again, check this first: 
1. Fuel 
2. Spark
3. Compression
THEN, watch the video for more specific issues specific to the HONDA SHADOW, including: 
- Clutch Safety Interlock
- Kickstand Safety Interlock

- Neutral Safety Switch